Sierra Nevada is the ideal terrain for High Mountain Skiing/Snowboarding (Ski Touring) due to its wide and gentle hills.
We have infinite peaks and hills for excursions of all levels. During the spring season, from mid-February onwards, Sierra Nevada is a paradise for Ski Touring with the great “spring snow” found at these latitudes.
Telemark Sierra Nevada has the best-qualified Mountain Guides to take you to any wonderful summit or valley of Sierra Nevada or even other Andalusian, or Pyrenees and Central System mountain ranges.
If you do not have equipment, we will provide it for you.


At Telemark Sierra Nevada we have expert Mountain Guides who specialise in ski touring and will take you wherever you want to go.
Sometimes we use the ski lifts to get further away from the slopes, or we guide you through other valleys and peaks of the Sierra Nevada Station.



At Telemark Sierra Nevada, we offer beginner High Mountain Skiing and Snowboarding courses. Let us teach you how to enjoy the High Mountain areas!

We offer both private and group classes. We teach you how to put on and take off skins, how to look for the best itinerary, breathing, how to pack a backpack, etc. At the same time, we guide you to a fabulous summit or descent in a safe way.


Normally we make a list of everyone interested, in order to let them know about a specific week or weekend and thus be able to gather groups. We make scheduled departures when conditions are favourable.