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Welcome to the website EVENTOS DEL SUR S.L. (hereinafter the website).

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THESE SECTIONS in order to be aware of the conditions and terms of use of the website. Users will have to accept the present conditions and terms of use that are binding in nature, EVENTOS DEL SUR S.L. reserving the right to modify them. EVENTOS DEL SUR S.L. is the owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights of the contents accessible from the website.

Users may not access the website in a way that damages, deteriorates, disables or overloads the services and/or information offered, may not interfere with the use of said services and/or information by other third parties, may not attempt to access or access sites, services, computer systems or connected networks without authorisation or identification when this is required for access, nor by means of acts of intrusion (hacking) or by any other unauthorised means.

Terms of use

The services and information offered on the website are completely free of charge. EVENTOS DEL SUR S.L. reserves the right to modify the conditions or terms of use of the website without prior notice. The use of the website is governed by Spanish law and by the content of this legal notice. Any controversy derived from the interpretation, execution and/or use, will be submitted to the competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Granada (Spain).

Restrictions of use

Any link made to the content will require the prior consent of EVENTOS DEL SUR S.L. and must allow, through the appropriate display, identification of its origin. The use of this information on other Internet sites requires express permission.


EVENTOS DEL SUR S.L. is not liable in any case for any damage that could be caused to a third party by users of the website as a result of illegal or inappropriate use of it, or as a result of content and information accessible or provided through it, or sites linked to it. Those liable are the users or third parties causing the damage.

EVENTOS DEL SUR S.L. is not responsible for the content of the pages of the recommended links, as it does not exercise any control over them, as well as for changes of domain, which may lead to access to pages with undesirable, inappropriate or offensive content.

EVENTOS DEL SUR S.L. does not guarantee the absence of viruses in the services and contents of the website, whether provided directly or by third parties, including connections through links, and so it will not be liable for damages that may be caused as a result of the existence of such viruses.

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